Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A little bit about hallway.

Every house that I visit I see pretty the same thing: beige color is everywhere and it starts from the hallway. Beige is in a kitchen, in a family room, bedroom, bathroom, basement, attic, e.t.c. Sometimes whole house in the same pallet, 100 % of walls are in beige color, it can be different tones but they are all tones of beige. I don't mind about beige, it is a good neutral color, good background, good color if you want to use it in a room where you want to relax. It is easy to change, you don't even need a primer if it is light beige, it is easy to find and it is probably number one color in US.
Unfortunately I don't own a house I rent apartment and I can't paint my walls. But if you are happy owner of the house, it means you can do anything that you want with your walls. Be more brave and experimental. Start with hallway, it is the best area where you can let your fantasy out. You don't relax or spend a lot of time in a hallway, we usually use it to meet our friends and family there or go to other rooms passing through. Add some bright color or pattern, use wallpaper, make it interesting make everyone who walks in your house say "wow". 

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Design of my apartment.

Hello everyone, today I want to share some pictures of what I have already done in my apartment. I don't have a lot of experience, I have never worked as a designer or decorator, but I really wish to do it, and I am a student at Ivy Tech. I study Environmental design. This is what I did in my apartment.

This interior I created for myself and my husband. We are leasing apartment so I had a lot of limits. I couldn't paint walls, change carpet or even do holes in my walls for art work. I needed to hang light art work on sticky strips that don't damage walls, I rearranged furniture, added decor and little accents. At that moment I wanted relaxing interior and all my rooms are in neutral colors but with bright accents and details.
In my living room I chose light sofa with graphic decorative pillows and contrast dark coffee table on casters that I can move to any place. I love mobility in my room. I added some geometric accents. I painted both pictures and found in the same style vase. I chose yellow and green accent colors, the idea came to me with my favorite husband's National Geographic magazines, I decided to use them as a bright decor.
In a bedroom I wanted some blue accents. I combined solid blue bed sheets with white cream blanket and blue velvet decorative pillows. Also I painted another art work in calming blue colors.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Inspirational designer

Charles and Ray Eames were American designers. They were husband and wife.  They have made historical contribution for the modern architecture and furniture. Because of their not ordinary designer’s solutions they’ve become legends.
Charles and Ray Eames are the most popular couple in design world. First time when public could see their creation was in 1946 at the world’s fair in New York.  They showed their Lounge chair that became very popular and still is in production.
Charles Eames was born in St. Louis, Missouri, he studied architecture at Washington University and after two years he left. Ray Kaiser was born in Sacramento, California. She was American artist and designer. They married in 1941 and they decided to go to California. They did a lot of experiments with molded plywood. They opened their own architect studio.
 In 1949 popular magazine «Arts and Architecture» was financing project where Charles and Ray Eames participated in building house that was called “Case Study House”.  They designed and built the Eames house. The interesting fact was that house was pre-fabricated and was build within a few days.

This legendary couple was so successful because they were not afraid of experiments. They’ve used and combined new technologies with art.  Their famous furniture is still trendy, demanded and very popular.
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